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visit colombia travelVisit Colombia, one of the most interesting destinations in South America.
To better describe the immense beauty of this country people say: if you want to see an ancient city hidden on top of the mountains go to Peru, if you want to see the Amazon go to Brazil, if you want to see the Caribbean go to Cuba, but if you want to see all these things in just one place come to Colombia!! Click here: Images of Colombia

Here life is full of magic and magic, just like air, water and earth, can be found everywhere…
Colombian artists, chief among them the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, evoke this same atmosphere in their works, with a style known as magical realism. Anyone who lives or travels in Colombia, will sooner or later be struck by the fusion of reality and magic, everyday life and charm, reality and imagination. "Todo es possible, nada es seguro", Colombians love to repeat. And maybe it is really so: In Colombia everything is possible, nothing is sure.

The eternal snows of the Andes become rivers, rivers turn into waterfalls and then into ocean and the Caribbean, you will be greeted by endless beaches, virgin jungles, by a sea of seven colors and by cities poetically known as "the eternal spring" (Medellin), "the branch of the sky" (Cali) and "the sunset factory" (Manizales).

In the country where nothing is impossible, the past is in harmony with the future and it will seem as if the sky is even closer, but most of all you'll be surprised by what you don't expect: the open arms of the Colombians!

Watch now: must see attractions of Colombia

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Over the years the half Italian and half Colombian staff at Mydas Travel has successfully promoted Colombia, a destination full of treasures and contradictions. Today we can plan adventure holidays that are safe and pleasant in every aspect. Thanks to the cooperation of local certified partners, our trips will allow you to experience the many different cultures and landscapes of Colombia, from the quiet and Hermosa Caribbean coast to the lively and chaotic Bogota, from the southern regions of the Amazon forest, to the top of the Andes, with particular attention to the protected parks present a little bit everywhere.
We will guide you to discover the pre Columbian architecture, the gold route of the conquistadores, the wildlife of the equator, the excellent gastronomy based on pescado, arroz, fruta and frijoles, the brilliant sculptures by Botero, the thousands of identities that coexist in this amazing country.

Come with us on an adventure trip to Colombia: email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or take a look at our tours to Colombia here on your right. 

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Colombia is a privileged nation:

There are many factors that contribute to make Colombia a privileged nation: its position just a few degrees above the Equator, having both an Atlantic and Pacific coastline, being on the northern edge of the Andes Mountain Range, that divides the country into three parts, and having large parts of the territory covered by tropical rainforests. It is thanks to this variety of climates and types of terrain that Colombia can boast a number of second tier cities not found anywhere else in Latin America.


Colombia has a multiethnic population: most of the population is of Latino-Spanish or mixed ascent, but there are also 87 indigenous ethnic groups , three differentiated groups of African Colombian population, and the rom or gypsy population. Over 64 Amerindian languages are spoken, as well as the bandé - language of the Raizales of the Archipelago of San Andres, Providencia, and Santa Catalina; the Palenquero -creole language of the communities of San Basilio de Palenque, the first free people of America, declared by the UNESCO as a masterpiece on the the oral and intangible heritage of humanity; and Romani, or Rom language.

Commerce, Industry, and Tourism

The improvement in the country's conditions has sparked a lot of interest. As reported by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the increase of interest in visiting Colombia for tourism or business has resulted in a substantial amount of investments in the tourism sector. This is a trend that has made tourism in Colombia grow above the world's average every year.

Over the past 10 years, foreign investments have tripled, exports have quadrupled, and the economy has grown at a sustained rate, all this despite the global economic recession, and the country's perspectives for the coming years are encouraging. 

Here the three symbols of Colombia:

Colombia-condor-travelCattleya trianae-colombia-travel 500x375wax palm-colombia-travel - Copia

the condor Vultus Gryphus, the orchid Cattleya Trinae and the Quindio wax palm tree Cerocylon quindiuense.

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