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Seven good reasons to visit Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is the closest thing to a paradise on earth. Lush vegetation, pristine beaches, happy people, attention to culture... a list of strengths that we wanted to put together for the opening of this blog. Read our seven good reasons to visit Costa Rica beginning to end, vote your favorite and share the list on Facebook and Twitter. If you are one of the lucky ones who has already visited Costa Rica and would like to give us your hints and tips, we are listening!!

1. Widespread wealth (=wealfare)
In Costa Rica wealth is not synonim of "making money". The so called growth rate was only 1.288% in 2012. Yet the same the country achieved the highest score (64,00) in the planet's Index of Happiness. Here the real wealth is a happy, healthy, fulfilling and stress-free life!!

2. Nature, nature and even more nature.
In Costa Rica natural reserves and national parks cover more than 30% of the territory. The native flora and fauna include thousands of species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, mammals, and plants. The variety also affects the landscapes, with an harmonious alternation of volcanoes, rivers, lakes, plains, mountains, and beaches.

3. Ideal Weather
In Costa Rica the average temperature is of 22°C! There are a total of 12 microclimates, each corresponding to a specific region (central valley, tropical region, humid region).

4. Good and healthy food
In Costa Rica the food is delicious because the culinary tradition is based on fresh and genuine ingredients. The food is prepared today as in the past, according to the tradition of farmers and fishermen. The fruit, served in the form of shakes during meals or in other times of the day, is absolutely delicious.

5. Happy and friendly people
In Costa Rica people smile, they ask you how you are doing and keep on saying "Pura Vida". This attitude can affect anyone, even the most stressed out visitors!

6. Attention to culture
In Costa Rica the Literacy rate reaches the record number of 96%. There are 88,324 college students and there are plenty of libraries, bookstores, theaters and movie theaters. Those who love culture will discover a unique country, that has successfully preserved its traditions and costumes.

7. Equality between the sexes
In Costa Rica women actually have the same opportunities as men in the social, political, and economic world. A natural result of a cultured society, respectful of others and with an open mind on the future.

What do you think of these 7 reasons? Did we forget something? Please tell us what you think, mail us!


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