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Copan, a Mayan site in the heart of Central America


There is a place between Honduras and Guatemala, where you have the feeling of going back to the year 0 of the calendar. During that time, the Mayas ruled Central America and lived in cities with political, religious and civil functions. One of these cities is called Copan and still retains much of its former glory. Discovered in 1570 by the Spanish explorer Diego Garcia de Palacio, the archaeological site is one of the most important and most visited Mayan sites of Central America.
The beauty of these ruins, surrounded by a deep forest, can only be imagined: the traveler finds himself immersed in a huge complex with dozens of building in perfect condition.
Acropolis, monumental staircases, a stadium, towers and palaces seem to emerge from the lawn as alien objects…

It is no coincidence that Copan is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites and the reason is clear: the Mayan site of Copan is one of the most spectacular achievements of the classic Mayan period for the number, complexity and size of its architectural and sculptural monuments. That is to say, the choice to include Copan in the World’s heritage sites list is due not only to the size and quantity of artifacts, but also to the sophistication shown by the Mayans in the design and construction of the buildings and works of art. In this regard, we can’t forget that in Copan there are some of the most famous works of art of the classic Mayan period, including the very famous staircase with the hieroglyphics that tell the story of this mysterious civilization.

Guided tours in Honduras and Copan

Visiting Copan takes at least half a day. It is unthinkable however to come here and leave right away, missing the opportunity to experience all the other wonders scattered throughout Honduras and Central America. That’s why we at Mydas Travel have created many interesting packages that include a guided visit to the ruins of Copan and the tour of the Central American countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala. A smart (and sustainable) way to get to know not only the Mayan culture but also the natural treasures and the many people who inhabit these magical and ancestral lands.

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