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What to see in Colombia, all about main destinations

colombia-destinazioniLocating the destinations in Colombia and organizing a trip to this magical country is fun, but most of all easy. Just divide the territory into two halves: the northwestern one, with the cities and the mountains, and the southeastern one, kingdom of the Amazon….

The northwestern part is without a doubt the most diverse and populated. The cities, and therefore the economic and commercials activities are concentrated here. The capital, Bogota, attracts tourists from all over the world. They are attracted by a melting pot of cultures, artistic trends, musical styles, events (such as the Iberoamerican Theater Festival), botanical gardens, personalities (celebrities?), interesting buildings.

Significant are the cities of Cale and Medelling along the Andes, and those of Cartagena and Barranquilla, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. There is no shortage of volcanoes to climb with a guide, lakes where you can stop for a relaxing day, or national parks to explore on foot or horseback.

What to see in the Amazon, the unexplored mystery...

Moving south, the big cities are replaced by isolated roads and small farmer communities. San Jose del Guaviare is the last urban village before the green wall that is the Amazon forest. Here the only means of transportations used that can face the challenging terrain are jeeps, horses,  mules, and canoes (besides of course small planes). But the game is worth the candle without a doubt: when you enter the jungle, you get into a primordial world, where nature is the undisputed boss. An explosion of plants, flowers, insects, felines and reptiles animates the almost 400.000 square km of  forest that place Colombia at number 4 in the list of the 17 mega-diverse countries. Despite the appearances the destinations are manifold.

Take for example Leticia, located at the extreme south of the country, where the borders of Peru’ and Brazil meet. This little town, literally immersed in the green, can be reached by plane and offers unique moments of everyday life. There are also other destinations such as the Amacayacu National Park, with the giant ceiba trees, or the Tarapoto lake, where you can watch the legendary pink freshwater dolphins. As they say in these occasions: let the adventure begin!!




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