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Secrets of a great tan

destination-central america-.travelThere are so many reasons why you would want to travel to Central America. The abundance of flora, and Fauna, the volcanoes, beaches, the coffee, the fruits, the food and the culture of dance, but one of the main reasons is the weather.

The weather along the isthmus from Belize to Panama is warm all year round, even with the rainy season that begins in late June and goes thru November. You can experience sunshine and warmth even after the rain in most places coastal. There really is no winter at all!
The inland areas can be much cooler where you may have to wear a sweater during rainy season but that can change in a minute. So vacationing on most of the coastal towns any time of the year is a pleasure thanks to the sunshine, and the way the sun shines there is completely different than you have experienced in northerly countries.

The reason is it is only 9 degrees above the equator, so the sun’s rays are tilted, with the angle of the sun being as it is, it has much to do with how you tan, and how you observed things. Obtaining a golden tan is easy, but of course if you are white as milk, live in an area where tanning is not an option, then here are few suggestions that will help you get that perfect tan and without getting burned.

Firsthand experience is the best way to explain to you what to do and what not to do.
First let’s begin with the very pale, creamy white complexion.

1. Eating your way to a tan is the best way to begin:
Carrots. When carrots are consumed regularly (and in moderation), the skin adapts a more natural and healthy-looking hue.
Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and apricots. Like carrots, these carotenoid rich fruits and veggies improve your skin’s color while providing other health benefits.
Spinach and kale. These dark, leafy greens should definitely be a staple in your diet, as well as broccoli, as they are the secret to glowing skin.
Olive Oil. Although olive oil doesn’t contain any carotenoids, antioxidants and omega-3s, it will give your skin a moisture boost for a healthier appearance.

Tanning without getting burned, can also occur with eating food such as avocado, the same as olive oil gives you a barrier and provides moisture to the skin.
Mixing coconut oil with zinc and cacao proves to provide a natural effective barrier against sun burns. This is a topical product not to be taken internally.
But remember tanning is all connected to your pigment type of skin but this does help.

Another option is to go to a tanning booth prior to your trip once or twice as a good suggestion, so you are not burning pure virgin untouched by the sun skin.
The rays of light as said previously are strong; UV rays are brighter and closer to you. So you are going to need to have a little tan on before you come.
Purchase a UV protection, SPF 50 or more, and purchase a lower level one after you have had couple of hours in sun or shade.
WHAT?? Shade? Yes even in the shade you can get a tan: you can get a tan walking down the street; you can get a tan just going from one place to another. So do wear this sunscreen at all times, as to prevent first burns.
Tips for darker skin pigmentation prevention from burning are about the same, but your lovely skin tone, can tolerate much more than the fair haired fair skinned. Eating correctly is also a good idea prior to coming to a hotter climate.
Spend only one hour, two or three times per week, in the earlier morning times between 10:00 am up to 1:00 pm these are the prime times to tan perfectly on the beach, after these hours the suns angle is changed and the intensity of the sun is very strong. You can still tan just walking about but do not lie out after these hours. The chances of intense burning are extremely high.
The best lotion for tanning without burning for darker completions is fresh coconut oil that is sold directly on the streets by street vendors mixed with a bit of cacao, and cinnamon.
This really enhances the tan and makes you glow like a god or goddess.
This concoction is known by many locals; it does speed up the tanning process and also aids the skin from burning with protection from the cacao and cinnamon.

Tanning without burning can be done, by following these guidelines.
Taking home your tropical glow will surely be noticed and coveted by all your friends or family who are sun worshipers or sun lovers.
Love the sun! But respect it!

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