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Costa Rica: Five Beaches that will make you lose your head

One of_the_amazing_beaches_of_Costa_RicaWe have written many times about Costa Rica, of its hidden treasures in the lush forest, of what we think is the most spectacular national park, of the best spots for fishing... of many interesting topics for your next trip to the happiest country in the world. Today we'd like to add one more piece to the puzzle and visit, in a virtual way, the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. We picked five, one more incredible than the other. Here is the complete list, if you know more beaches you'd like to add, don't hesitate to let us know! Let's go!

1. Punta Cahuita and Puerto Vargas Beach

Puerto Vargas is the classic beach seen on postcards, a stretch of white sand with palm trees and crystal clear waters. We are in the Cahuita National Park, in the Limon province, and more precisely in the east coast of the small Punta Cahuita Peninsula. Obviously, in the Caribbean Sea!

2. Playa Punta Uva, at the border with Panama

A little south of Puerto Vargas, there are several charming beaches, including the last one (actually one before the last) before crossing the border with Panama. This beach, Playa Punta Uva, is named after a very unique plant, the Coccoloba uvifera, or sea grapes. The small raisins of this plant are used in cosmetics, but they are also excellent to eat fresh, maybe with a glass of coconut water.

3. Playa Nosara, a paradise for surfers and... turtles!

Playa Nosara is a true paradise, both for surfers and sea turtles, that come here to breed. This time we are on the Pacific Ocean, in the Guanacaste province, not far from the cities of Nicoya and Santa Cruz. The primitive and savage desolation is definitely the main attraction of this beach. Just what you need to enjoy your vacation!

4. Playa Cuevas, or “the Secret Beach”

It is well known that every country has its own secret places, and of course its “secret beaches”. Playa Cuevas is one of the most famous “secret beaches” of South America. It is located in the beautiful Riserva Natural Cabo Blanco, and it's the latest in a series of beaches that rivals Eden. It is not easy to get there, but the effort will definitely pay off with a walk at sunset...

5. Playa Pan Dulce

There are beaches that give you the idea of relax just with their name. Playa Pan Dulce, literally “the beach of sweet bread”, offers the tranquility and peace that each one of us wants to enjoy every once in a while, or if you are lucky, at any time of day. To lose your mind!

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