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The Cordillera de Talamanca and the Cerro Chirripò

Il Cerro_di_Chiripò_nella_Cordigliera_di_TalamancaAlthough in the collective imagination, Costa Rica is the country of white sand beaches, of biodiversity, or of the wild natural parks (like the Tortuguero National Park), mountain lovers will be pleasantly surprised to find out how many mountain tops are present in the heart of this country. A name to keep in mind more than any other is Cordillera de Talamanca, the mountain range that borders the southern part of the Central Valley and stretches all the way to Panama. This is where the main mountains of the country are located. In order of height these are: Cerro Chirripo (3,820 m), the Terbi (3,761 m), Blanco (3,554 m) and the Kamok (3,549 m), true giants of Central America.

Virtually unknown to those who visit Costa Rica for the first time, the Cordillera de Talamanca is a true paradise just 83 kilometers from the capital San Jose. Cerro Chirripo is the perfect destination for the tourist who loves adventure: in spite of the considerable height, it is possible to reach the top in just 4 or 5 days, without possessing any special equipment or technical knowledge. On a clear day, from up there, the view encompasses the entire territory, from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. And for those looking for close encounters with the animals of Costa Rica....

Chirripò National park, land of the eternal waters

The Cerro Chirripo is located inside the larger Chirripo National Park, established in 1975 and managed, like most of the other parks, by SINAC. The park is characterized by the presence of more than 30 lakes (Chirrippo means “land of the eternal waters”), some of which disappear during the dry season. The presence of the lakes is accompanied by the presence of the animals: squirrels, rabbits, cougars, jaguars, coyotes, monkeys, and hundreds of species of birds and amphibians. Those who love wild places won't be disappointed by the Chirripò National Park. We at Mydas Travel recommend a visit to the park when chosing one of our organized tours of Central America. What are you waiting for?

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