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Planning Your trip to Colombia: Practical Advice

Totumo volcano_in_ColombiaIf you are thinking of planning a trip to Colombia, in this article will find some tips to avoid picking the wrong time, the wrong destinations, and the wrong means of transportation. Let's first dispel a myth: Colombia is not a dangerous country, or at least it is not anymore. Until about ten years ago driving around was extremely risky, but nowadays any tourist can enjoy the pleasure of driving up and down the mountain range or parking near a Caribbean beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Choosing the right destination is the first step not to be disappointed. First of all you have to know that Colombia is divided into two parts: the “civilized” part, and the “wild” part.

The dividing line connects the towns of Ipiales at the border with Ecuador, and Arauca at the border with Venezuela:

the north western part is home to 90% of all the Colombian cities, while most of the south western part is covered by the Amazon forest that extends all the way to Brazil. This is a very important first point to consider when planning a trip to Colombia. Besides geography, however, climate must be taken into account as well. The best months to visit Colombia correspond to the dry season, that is to say from December to March. While in Italy temperatures drop sharply, in this South American country, the rains cease, the sun shines... and summer starts!


There are dozens of popular destinations in Colombia: from the capital Bogota, to the Ciudad Perdida of Tirona, from the decadent Cartagena to the “preciosa” Santa Marta, to the nature reserves on the northern edge of the majestic Amazon forest. The transport system revolves around the funny and colorful chivas (decorated buses), but to move between cities, you will be more likely to ride on a classic air conditioned bus (always remember to take a sweater with you). Domestic flights are an alternative. As far as immunizations, at this time there aren't any compulsory ones. It is always a good idea to have your over the counter drugs for nausea, headaches, fever, and common health problems. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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