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Ecotourism in Latin America and the Caribbeans

Ecoturism in_Latin_America

Ecotourism in Latin America is growing at a fast pace. More and more people choose to visit these places according to an ecotourism philosophy, knowing how delicate the environment in this part of the world is. Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, and other countries have pristine environments, where flora and fauna coexist with humans, without one taking over the other. In Latin America and the Caribbeans ecotourism has gained new followers over the years, not by accident, but thanks to a careful and sensible policy aimed at protecting the natural heritage through the establishment of national parks and protected areas.

The achievements of the Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservacion (SINAC), the department controlled by the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, have been exemplary in this respect. Thanks to its work, Costa Rica, the small country of Central America, has received considerable attention globally, earning the reputation as a mecca of eco tourism. Today in Costa Rica there are 26 national parks and a total of 161 protected areas (for a total of 1,304,306 ha), corresponding to 25.58% of the total surface. In comparison, Italy, that has the same potential, has only 11% of its surface protected, less than half of Costa Rica's.


Tourists are responsible for environmental damages all over the world. From the tanning cream that seems to damage the coral reef, to the oxygen tanks discarded on Mount Everest, the opportunities to pollute are infinite. Fortunately, there are alternatives, such as eco friendly facilities, tours to watch the animals in their natural habitat, means of transportation with low environmental impact... these are responsible choices that reduce the negative impact of our presence and that can actually be beneficial to the local communities and to those who believe in the preservation of the planet. The tours organized by Mydas Travel in Latin America and in the Caribbeans favor this type of tourism, without giving up the comforts of a dream vacation.

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