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Corcovado: Costa Rica's most spectacular national park

Parco Nazionale_CorcovadoWhat do you think is the most spectacular National Park in Costa Rica? Many think that this title should go to the wonderful Parque Nacional Corcovado, a protected area that covers most of the Peninsula de Osa, in the Puntarenas Province. This much appreciation stems from the extraordinary richness of flora and fauna in this part of Costa Rica. It is common knowledge that the park is the biologically richest place of the entire planet...! Without a doubt, there are plenty of different animal and plant species here, if anything else because the park represents the last large tract of tropical rainforest on the Pacific side of Central America.

The existence of the park is the result of the will of the Costa Rican government to stop deforestation and the illegal mining of gold, activities started in the 60s and stopped in 1975. Today the park is open to the public and is a perfect habitat for an incredibly high number of living beings, from mammals to reptiles, from birds to insects, from mushrooms to plants. Habitual residents of the park are, among others, tapirs, spectacled owls, peccaries, giant anteaters, monkeys, and sloths. The park also harbors the largest population of scarlet macaws in Costa Rica, that is to say the largest population of that nice and colorful parrot who can repeat whole sentences in human languages (not only in Italian!). If you love nature, this spot is a must see!


The only way to organize a guided tour of the Corcovado National Park is to turn to specialized agencies like ours. Inside the park, you can camp in designated areas and sometimes you can also stay overnight in one of the classic huts with thatched roofs, but there are not many places to eat. Since the park is located in a remote area of Costa Rica, the trip to get there is not easy, but visiting the park is definitely worth it. The tours of Central America can combine visits to different countries: at Mydas Travel we focus on the sustainability of the journey, from an environmental and local economy perspective. If you share our values, all you have to do is contact us with no obligation and book your trip with us. See you there!


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