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Another good lesson from Costarican people: one minister marched with his gay partner

Breymann-ICT-Mauricio-FERNANDO-CHAVES LNCIMA20140509_0034_86The presidential inauguration of Luis Guillermo Solis was unlike any previous one. The ceremony was austere, but the president delivered his speech with his usual emotion. The audience was smaller than expected and many presidents from other countries were missing as well. Only five showed up: the presidents of Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras and Dominican Republic. Panama's president Ricardo Martinelli canceled his trip at the last minute. Although the speakers were announcing the important people, they missed some of them. For example they forgot to announce Omar Halleslevens Moses, vice president of Nicaragua and army general.

When the new cabinet was introduced, Melvin Jimenez, Solis' right arm led the way. Following the Lutheran bishop there were the new ministers with their partners, including Wilhelm von Breymann, tourism minister and president of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, with his gay partner.

“I have been with him for 19 years, he is my life partner. We share work, home, and future. So we marched together”, said the minister. “Yes, I thought about what it would mean to parade with him and I think that's my life, but it is also part of things that change”.

And that's one of the things that change. There was no prayer during the ceremony, but a prayer at the end of Solis' speech “I ask the eternal God, creator of all things and Lord of Lords, to bless Costa Rica, giving the ability to its people and to its ruler, me first, to sing with joy the new anthem of peace and joy.”
In the speech Solis also read a piece of a letter that his mother (now deceased) wrote to her grandchildren. AS he was reading it the president was very emotional and seemed to strive not to cry. One minute later , with the Bible in his left hand, he swore before God and the Fatherland, as mandated by the Constitution.

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