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Five Things to Know about Tikal National Park

Parco Nazionale_di_TikalAnimal Headdress, Baby Jaguar, Head Rolled, Double Bird... these are just a few of the Mayan kings who ruled the ancient city of Tikal in Guatemala. Today this place, that seems to come out of a romantic poet's dream, has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO and is an essential destination for those who want to know more about pre Columbian civilizations. The ruins of Tikal emerge from the green mantle of the Tikal National Park, a protected area that is part of the larger Maya Biosphere Reserve. More than anywhere else in Latin America, nature is the undisputed protagonist and only the maintenance personnel can prevent the trees from encompassing the whole archaeological site. To help you learn more about this magical place, we have prepared a list with five essential things to know about the park. Happy reading!


1. The cities closest to Tikal are Flores and Santa Elena (30 km away). The park can also be reached from Mexico and Belize, usually passing through this two Guatemalan cities. Some can even get there on foot, after a few days walk!

2. There are over 3000 buildings in Tikal, but the most famous ones are the pyramids, impressive for their height and elegance, as well as their perfect state of conservation.

3. The best time to arrive in Tikal is at dawn, when the fog thins out gradually and the top of the pyramids glow in the early morning light. A unique experience!

4. The howler monkeys are not dangerous. Neither the howler monkeys nor the other animals of the forest will bother you as you walk through the archaeological site. The important thing is to behave in a civilized manner and always follow the path.

5. There are many activities for the tourists who visit the park. As always, the most import thing is to plan the trip in advance, maybe with the help of a tour operator like Mydas Travel!

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