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More and More Travelers in Colombia


In Colombia there has been an exponential growth of tourist flows, ever since this destination has become a new trend for many markets. This country offers everything, absolutely everything and the Colombian reception is extraordinary. The armed conflict is a thing of the past and safety for the tourist is there, the only risk is wanting to stay forever. The most recent data shows that of more than 1.8 million visitors in 2013, 50% were from the other Latin American countries, roughly a quarter were from the US, and the rest were from Europe and Japan.

The hotel sector is taking the appropriate measures and approximately 9000 new hotel rooms will be ready by 2016.

This is the plan announced by the international hotel chains such as the Hilton, the Marriott, the Accor, the Holiday Inn, the Hyatt, the NH, the Sonesta, the Reszidor Carlson (Radisson), and the Best Western.

Wisely, in 2002 the Colombian government had approved tax breaks for international hotel investors until 2018, with benefits for a 30 years period. This was the final push. Most of the new hotels will be built in Bogota'. Hyatt, the American hotel chain, is planning to build three new hotels in Bogota', Cali, and Cartagena by 2016. The Grand Hyatt, with 297 rooms, is already under construction; it will cost 130 million dollars and the opening is scheduled for mid 2015. An additional 330,000 has been invested in a Hyatt Regency in Cali. Cali has attracted the interest of the hotel chains because it is the "Capital of the Pacific alliance". Besides business travelers, the city also attracts considerable flows of medical tourism, especially for cosmetic surgery. To meet the growing demand, there are now five new projects for a total of 777 rooms. Ongoing projects include the Spiwak hotel, with 263 rooms and a 36 million dollars investment; the Metro Hampton Hilton hotel with 130 rooms; the Conservatorio Hotel of Las Caminas with 50 rooms; the Sagrada Familia with 66 rooms, and the Atton hotel with 60 rooms. In 2013 the American hotel chain Marriott International opened in Cali its third Colombian hotel, with 170 rooms and a total investment of $40 million. By 2018 Merriott plans to build three more hotels in the cities of Medellin, Barranquilla, and Bucaramanga. Accor has invested in Colombia with two Ibis hotels in Bogota' and Medellin, and two Sofitel in Bogota' and Cartagena; the completion of construction is expected by 2019. Accor also plans to build a four star Novotel hotel in Bogota'. The Mexico City Express hotel chain has also invested in Colombia, opening its first hotel with 127 rooms in Cali at the beginning of 2014. City Express plans to invest approximately 40 million dollars in hotels in Bogota', Medellin, and Barranquilla by 2016. The new Colombian hotel chain Movich Hotels & Resorts is rapidly expanding. Its owner is the same as the airline Avianca, German Efromovich. He already owns seven hotels in Bogota', Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, and Pereira, for a total of 1,066 rooms, and several projects under construction in Barranquilla, and Bucaramanga. Hotel chains that are not present in Colombia at this time, but that have shown interest include the Viceroy Hotel Group, MGM Hospitality, Melia Hotels International, and the Four Seasons.

All these signs agree with Mydas Travels that offers Colombia as the perfect destination. However, to be true to our travel philosophy, we prefer to offer colonial style smaller hotels and characteristic accommodations, unless you are traveling for business or medical tourism, because then the super modern hotel will do for you!


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