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What to see in Colombia, all about main destinations

colombia-destinazioniLocating the destinations in Colombia and organizing a trip to this magical country is fun, but most of all easy. Just divide the territory into two halves: the northwestern one, with the cities and the mountains, and the southeastern one, kingdom of the Amazon….

The northwestern part is without a doubt the most diverse and populated. The cities, and therefore the economic and commercials activities are concentrated here. The capital, Bogota, attracts tourists from all over the world. They are attracted by a melting pot of cultures, artistic trends, musical styles, events (such as the Iberoamerican Theater Festival), botanical gardens, personalities (celebrities?), interesting buildings.

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Driving in Central America

bridge-central america

Just because you possess a driver's license in another country, it doesn't mean you can or would want to drive in Central America. If you have a valid license you can legally drive, that is not the point. The point is that it can be amazingly crazy and extremely insidious.

Although the best way to see the country is by driving, hiring a driver, using shuttle buses, or private taxis may be better for the impatient, the road raged personality, or the slow reactionary. If you are planning to drive in Central America, here is what you need to know:


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Jaco the best beach town on the Pacific


During World Travel Market fair in London last November 2013, organizers nominated Jaco Beach in Costa Rica alongside other prime destinations such as Cancun in Mexico, Bocas del Toro in Panama, and Placencia in Belize for the award of Best Latinamerican beach. In the end, Cancun won the coveted award, but the fact that Jaco Beach was nominated is a step in the right direction for this charming beach community in Costa Rica.

Located in the province of Puntarenas on the Pacific Coast, Jaco Beach has enjoyed being considered best beach of Costa Rica since about the late 1970s to the 21stcentury but in the late 20th century Jaco started being called Gringo Beach due to the town’s reputation as a magnet for seedy nightlife activity, which was mostly given patronage by tourists from the United States.

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Secrets of a great tan

destination-central america-.travelThere are so many reasons why you would want to travel to Central America. The abundance of flora, and Fauna, the volcanoes, beaches, the coffee, the fruits, the food and the culture of dance, but one of the main reasons is the weather.

The weather along the isthmus from Belize to Panama is warm all year round, even with the rainy season that begins in late June and goes thru November. You can experience sunshine and warmth even after the rain in most places coastal. There really is no winter at all!
The inland areas can be much cooler where you may have to wear a sweater during rainy season but that can change in a minute. So vacationing on most of the coastal towns any time of the year is a pleasure thanks to the sunshine, and the way the sun shines there is completely different than you have experienced in northerly countries.

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Seven good reasons to visit Costa Rica

Tenorio waterfall-visit-costa_rica

Costa Rica is the closest thing to a paradise on earth. Lush vegetation, pristine beaches, happy people, attention to culture... a list of strengths that we wanted to put together for the opening of this blog. Read our seven good reasons to visit Costa Rica beginning to end, vote your favorite and share the list on Facebook and Twitter. If you are one of the lucky ones who has already visited Costa Rica and would like to give us your hints and tips, we are listening!!

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