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A plunge in the Cahuita National Park

Parco Nazionale_di_Cahuita

For those who love the ocean, relaxation, and sunny beaches, the Cahuita National Park is a destination not to be missed. Life here goes on peacefully, between a dive over the largest coral reef of Costa Rica and a hike along the trails of the surrounding forest. The Cahuita National Park occupies a strip of land in the southern part of the country, just a few miles from the Panamanian border. The warm water and the breathtaking landscape typical of the Caribbean Sea are the real strengths of the park: you can fish, swim, pick up coconuts or simply relax under a palm tree. Hiking is another activity to consider. Many trails go deep into the forest, giving the opportunity to capture and admire howler monkeys, ibis, parrots, toucans, and many more animals that live here in peace and harmony.

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Barranquilla Carnival

BARRANQUILLA150Barranquilla Carnival has to be the event of year! One of the most important Folklore celebration and most anticipated by the whole community of Barranquilla. Obviously so the moment you enter the Caribbean coast city. For weeks prior to the carnival the entire Barranquilla plan and prepare to adorn the whole town with the colors of Colombia and sensation of the festival. Including the cars that are plastered with colorful stickers, you can even see dogs all dressed up and ready for Carnival!

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Travelling to Central America: What you can see and do


There are thousands of good reasons to visit Central America, the essence of the tropics: miles and miles of pristine beaches, happy and friendly people, fruits and fish at will, an incredible weather and countless new experiences to live. These countries are perfect for honeymoons, for those who love sports and adventure, or history and archeology, for the not so young or for those who travel with kids… there are no contraindications!!

What you can see and do in Central America:

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Colombia is one of the 17 megadiverse countries

Colombia -_uno_dei_17_paesi_megadiversiNot everyone knows that in the world besides the “normal” countries there are also “megadiverse” countries. Wikipedia describes a megadiverse country as a place that holds the majority of living species and that therefore is considered as one of the richest in biodiversity on the planet. The other names on the list? According to UNEP-WCMC (World Conservation Monitoring Center), the UN agency that compiled the list, this group of countries include: Australia, Brazil, China, Columbia, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malesia, Morocco, Peru, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the USA, DR of Congo, South Africa and Venezuela. Most of these countries fall into the tropics climate zone and one, in particular, is the destination of our organized tours: we are talking about magic Colombia!!

Land rich of history and charm, Colombia has a huge natural heritage.

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What to see in Costa Rica: destinations

cosa vedere_costaricaWhat are the best destinations in Costa Rica? What can you see and do in the many exciting places of this extraordinary country? It is almost impossible to answer in just a few lines, but we will try to give you an idea of the natural wonders (and not only) that are waiting for you… Ready?

Let’s start from the sea, with the Pacific Ocean on one side (west coast) and the Caribbean Sea on the other (east coast). These two water giants dominate the landscape and the Costa Rican lifestyle. The Caribbean coast is distinguished by its shorter length (212 km compared to the 1016 that overlook the Pacific side), but larger number of protected areas.

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