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Medellin in Colombia rated as the most sustainable city in the world

medelinOut of 163 selected cities, Medellin has won the WWF's (World Wildlife Foundation) award for being the most sustainable city in particular for the huge involvement of its citizens in sustainability projects.

Another awarded city is Cape Town in South Africa for its excellent projects.



The mysterious stone spheres in Costa Rica

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There are hundreds of perfectly round and smooth spheres in Costa Rica. No one knows how many there are exactly: some are outdoors, but many are half buried and they keep on finding new ones that are completely buried.

There is only one other place in the world where you can find these same spheres: 3000 km away, more precisely in Mexico, in the Ahualulco area. It is an unsolved mystery who sculpted these spheres and why, but above all with what kind of tools they carved such a round, smooth and flawless sphere!

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Colombia is the best destination!

Even in Denmark people realized that right now Colombia is the hottest destination in Latin America.

Colombia lo tiene todo, has it all and the only risk is wanting to stay forever!!

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Felines in Colombia and the jaguar corridor project

giagThere is an ongoing study about the risk of extinction for six native felines; biologists Payan Esteban and Carlos Castaño have vented their anger with these meaningful words: “The entire humanity should be ashamed of being the cause in the past centuries of the extinction of the Bali tiger in Indonesia, of the Caspian Tiger, of the Javan tiger, and of the Barbary lion in Africa. In Colombia we can’t repeat the same mistakes that would lead the jaguar, the puma, the three species of tiger cat (tigrillo, oncilla or cunaguaro), the jaguarondi and the ocelot to the brink of extinction!”

The Colombian fauna is so rich, that it should be one of the world’s top destinations for photo safaris!

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Spoken as a Tico or better... a Costarican

los ticos-costaricaThe Spanish spoken in Costa Rica is very much different than the Castillan Spanish spoken in Spain. Pronunciations and added gestures, verbs, and dialects change from area to area of the country. If you are not familiar with the dialects or gestures, you probably would never be able to tell what part of the country that Costa Rican comes from. But once you have lived or visited enough you can detect the differences.
For example the emphasis on S,C,Z pronounced in Spain as a TH or a lisp, and the triple R is not used as much as it is in Spain. It’s a softer S and the R is trilled but not as long or hard as it would be in Spain.

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