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Talking about the reggae culture and the Caribbeans

DESTINATION-COLOMBIA.TRAVELWould you have ever thought that the reggae culture, born in Jamaica, is alive and kicking all over the Caribbeans and in Central America? Countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama have a reggae tradition and atmosphere that has nothing to envy the country where Bob Marley was born. Obviously in continental America you can't visit the famous artist's house, but you have many opportunities to experience the real reggae culture in all of its forms. Music lovers, for example, will discover all the singers and bands that play throughout Latin America, from Venezuela, to Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize. In particular, in the music field, the contact point is probably the recently born reggaeton genre, influenced by the sound of many Caribbean, Latin American, and Western countries (especially the USA). Although Puerto Rico is the birthplace of reggaeton, it is not unusual to attend a concert of artists that play this genre in other parts of Central America.

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Discovering the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Riserva Naturale_di_MonteverdeThe Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve (officially the Reserva Biologica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde) is one of those places that will make you regret leaving Costa Rica when you go back to your country. The village of Monteverde is located in a remote area, away from big and small cities, but it has just the right amount of tourist facilities…. in short, this is the perfect place to refuel, sleep, but most of all have fun! The surroundings of this oasis of relaxation are famous for their scenery and nature: everywhere you look, nature dominates the landscape. In particular, the type of forest that gives the park its name is the most spectacular element. The words “Bosque Nebuloso” describe the fog that is visible inside and above the forest, when certain weather conditions are met.

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Archeological Route in El Salvador

archeologial route-el_salvadorThe archaeological route represents the best approach to the Mayan culture that has been one of the most advanced cultures of mankind.

It includes monumental sites, ceremonial centers and museums and each place is close to the others, being El Salvador such a small country but so rich in culture and natural beauty.

Joya de Ceren the Pompeii of the Americas:

Located 36 kms from San Salvador, Joya de Ceren was declared a Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993, for its beautiful Mayan architecture and beautiful ceramic artifacts. This archaeological site has museum guides and interpretive trails.

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The Manuel Antonio Park in Costa Rica

manuel antonioThe Manuel Antonio National Park that overlooks the Pacific Ocean coast, has become famous in the world for being one of the best family destinations.

The park can be visited all year round and is characterized by the most diverse flora and fauna and by the easy trails suitable for everyone.

Inside and around the park you can do: photo safaris, birdwatching, snorkeling, rafting, canopy, whale watching, but you can also just enjoy a beautiful white sand beach.

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Antigua Guatemala: between baroque buildings and volcanoes

Antigua GuatemalaLocated just a few kilometers from Guatemala City, capital of the country, Antigua Guatemala is a postcard from the times of the conquistadores, when the Spanish empire ruled Central America. Today, Antigua Guatemala is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list and it looks like a small pearl nestled between three of the big volcanoes of Guatemala. Its beauty, besides in its livable size, lies in the beautiful examples of Spanish American baroque architecture, such as the St James and the St Francis churches.

The melting of religion and paganism, that is characteristic of all Latin America, pervades the atmosphere of the city, to explode in pure folklore during the Holy Week celebration. It is on this occasion that locals and tourists fill the streets of this corner of paradise with music, color and humanity.

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