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Colombia, Caños Cristales

10312865 690257217690363_4308610248391353170_nCommonly known as “the River of Five Colors”, “The Liquid Rainbow” or “the most beautiful river in the world”, Caño Cristales is a small river, 100km long and 20 meters wide, located the Sierra de la Macarena in Colombia. To be exact, it is located 300km South of Bogotà, and 220 km from Villavicencio, the biggest closest city. Most of the year this river looks just like any other river, but for a brief period of time every year, the river blossoms in an explosion of yellow, red, blue, black, and green. 

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Former Destiny's Child Kelly Rowlands, Beyoncè, and Michelle Williams are in Costa Rica

Rowland-Destinys-ChildThe three former members of Destiny's Child are in Costa Rica, for Kelly Rowland's wedding.

The press office of the Direccion General de Migracion y Extranjera confirmed that Kelendria Trene Rowland was the first one to arrive at 11 am at the Daniel Oduber airport in Liberia. Beyoncè Giselle Knowles was the second one to arrive at 7:56 pm in a private plane. The last one to enter the country was Michelle Williams at 8 pm.
At this time Jay-Z, Beyoncè's husband has not arrived yet. Beyoncè and Jay-Z first visited Costa Rica together on November 2013 and stayed at a hotel in Guanacaste.

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Five Things to Know about Tikal National Park

Parco Nazionale_di_TikalAnimal Headdress, Baby Jaguar, Head Rolled, Double Bird... these are just a few of the Mayan kings who ruled the ancient city of Tikal in Guatemala. Today this place, that seems to come out of a romantic poet's dream, has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO and is an essential destination for those who want to know more about pre Columbian civilizations. The ruins of Tikal emerge from the green mantle of the Tikal National Park, a protected area that is part of the larger Maya Biosphere Reserve. More than anywhere else in Latin America, nature is the undisputed protagonist and only the maintenance personnel can prevent the trees from encompassing the whole archaeological site. To help you learn more about this magical place, we have prepared a list with five essential things to know about the park. Happy reading!

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What you can see in Bahia Solano

Choco-bahaia solano-colombia

An 18 km road connects the peaceful village of El Valle, to Bahia Solano. The tide there marks the rhythm of life. When it flows, it extends over a strip of sand close to which the hotels stand, and nourishes the rivers descending from the Baudó Range. The Valley River, that has four species of mangrove bordering its margin, is one of those rivers.

You can travel upstream by canoe and by foot to the Cascadas River, where visitors will find crystal pools and small waterfalls; and the Chadò river, famous for the huge pool if forms before reaching the sea.
The sea is calm at sunrise and retreats from the shore leaving colored fish and sea urchins. Some of the rarities offered by the jungle vegetation are best admired from the canopy and they include: the iraca palm tree, used to weave hats, the labios de negra flower, which resembles a red mouth, and the borojo aphrodisiac fruit, used for beverages.

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Colombia, Hippos on the Run


If not captured soon, the 12 hippos that escaped from Hacienda Napoles could became 400 in 10 years. It is going to take 8000 million pesos, heavy equipment, and even helicopters to capture the animals.

The history of these hippos is well known. They arrived in Hacienda Napoles in 1981 because Pablo Escobar wanted to collect as many exotic animals as possible. Some time later, these huge mammals that can weight between 1500 and 3500kg, managed to escape and for the past 20 years they have been roaming and reproducing freely. Their presence made the news in 2009 after the death of little hippo Pepe, after Corantioquia issued a resolution authorizing the controlled hunting of these animals.

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