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Health According to the Mayans


As more and more people have grown tired of the side effects caused by pharmaceutical medicines, holistic treatments have become a popular alternative. The importance of holistic treatments was known even in ancient times, so it is not surprising to find out that ancient civilizations have influenced holistic healthcare to this day. Here are a few things the Mayans can teach us about health and healing.

Holistic Healing

For the Mayans health was all about balance. Man was considered an integral part of the cosmos, and any imbalance would lead to illness.

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Visiting the Barra del Colorado National Refuge

Barra del_ColoradoOfficially it is called Refugio Nacional de Fauna Silvestre Barra del Colorado, but to simplify we will call it Barra del Colorado. This is one of the must-see destinations of Costa Rica, at least for those who love nature (and in this Central American country, it is well known there's plenty of it!). Barra del Colorado is part of SINAC, the National System of Conservation areas created in 1994 to protect the Costa Rican environment. As the neighboring Tortuguero National Park, The Barra del Colorado National Park is located in the northeastern corner of the country, in a remote and isolated area compared to the other parks visited by tourists. Accessing this pristine location is an adventure in itself: you can get there by water passing the Tortuguero, by road with a jeep, or by air with small airplanes that land on runways deep in the forest.....

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Did you know that hummingbirds can fly backwards?


Hummingbirds usually fly backwards as they reverse from a nectar bearing flower after feeding.

Researchers at the University of California decided to record the birds' flight biomechanics using high speed cameras and oxygen uptake. They found that hummingbirds' backward flight uses similar amounts of energy to flying forwards and their results were published in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

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Another good lesson from Costarican people: one minister marched with his gay partner

Breymann-ICT-Mauricio-FERNANDO-CHAVES LNCIMA20140509_0034_86The presidential inauguration of Luis Guillermo Solis was unlike any previous one. The ceremony was austere, but the president delivered his speech with his usual emotion. The audience was smaller than expected and many presidents from other countries were missing as well. Only five showed up: the presidents of Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras and Dominican Republic. Panama's president Ricardo Martinelli canceled his trip at the last minute. Although the speakers were announcing the important people, they missed some of them. For example they forgot to announce Omar Halleslevens Moses, vice president of Nicaragua and army general.

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Honduras, the Lost City of Gold

la mosquitia-honduras

The legend  of a mysterious lost city adorned with golden statues and vast riches, that was called La Ciudad Blanca or White City was first recorded by Hernan Cortes in 1526.  The city is said to be located in la Mosquitia, in Honduras. There are several popular versions of the legend. According to one version, the city's name derived from the carved white stones and was said to be a city of great wealth. Indigenous people, on the other hand, told of a city that was the hiding place of their gods and could not be entered. A third version of the legend describes the White City as the birthplace of the god Quetzalcoatl. As the legend grew, many explorers searched for the city in the jungle of Honduras in vain.

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