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Corcovado: Costa Rica's most spectacular national park

Parco Nazionale_CorcovadoWhat do you think is the most spectacular National Park in Costa Rica? Many think that this title should go to the wonderful Parque Nacional Corcovado, a protected area that covers most of the Peninsula de Osa, in the Puntarenas Province. This much appreciation stems from the extraordinary richness of flora and fauna in this part of Costa Rica. It is common knowledge that the park is the biologically richest place of the entire planet...! Without a doubt, there are plenty of different animal and plant species here, if anything else because the park represents the last large tract of tropical rainforest on the Pacific side of Central America.

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Joya de Ceren in El Salvador

el salvadorOften referred to as the “Pompeii of the Americas”, Joya de Ceren is an extremely well preserved ancient Mayan farming village located in El Salvador, that was destroyed by a volcano about 600AD. The excellent condition of the remains provides an insight into the daily lives of the populations who worked the land at that time. The site was accidentally discovered by a bulldozer driver who was leveling the ground in 1976. Since then 70 buildings have been uncovered, including a public building, two houses, three storehouses, one kitchen, and a sweat bath.

The organic materials found are just as important. Those include various cultivated fields with maize plants, gardens with herbs, agave gardens, fruit trees, including cacao and guava.

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Malpais Playa, the beach for those who love to surf!


Some people come to Costa Rica to admire the vegetation, or to take pictures of the legendary quetzal, or to listen to some good reggae music. Others come to Costa Rica to play sports, especially surfing. There are plenty of beaches both on the Pacific and Atlantic coast (Caribbean Sea) where you can ride the waves. According to surfers, Playa Malpais, located on the southwestern side of the Province of Puntarenas, is absolutely the best one. We are in the North-West quadrant of Costa Rica, more or less in the San José area. To say that the surrounding area is pristine is an understatement: the closest biggest city is Mansion, which is more than 100 kilometers away!

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Tour in the Arenal Volcano National park

Volcano Arenal

Located in the Guanacaste Province, in north western Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano National Park (Parque Nacional Volcán Arenal) is one of the classic destinations of Costa Rica. Its importance from a biodiversity and protection of the species point of view is made evident by IUCN's (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) classification, that makes of this area a real temple for the safeguard of the environment. When it comes to wildlife, the park harbors not only the majestic jaguar and many species of monkeys, but also curious animals such as the tapir or the coati (a species of raccoon), or the beautiful and legendary quetzal, whose green feathers were used by the Maya to make crowns.

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