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Excursions to the Great Blue Hole and in Belize

The Great_Blue_HoleThe explorer and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau had included it in his personal list of the most interesting dive sites of the world. We are talking about the Great Blue Hole, a unique underwater sinkhole. Located in the Caribbean Sea, more specifically in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, this wonder of nature has captivated not only Cousteau, but also tourists and scuba divers from all over the world. The real hidden treasure of the Great Blue Hole is the underwater scenery, the environment hidden beneath the surface of the sea. Just descend a few feet to go from our world to that of sea creatures....

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Copan, a Mayan site in the heart of Central America


There is a place between Honduras and Guatemala, where you have the feeling of going back to the year 0 of the calendar. During that time, the Mayas ruled Central America and lived in cities with political, religious and civil functions. One of these cities is called Copan and still retains much of its former glory. Discovered in 1570 by the Spanish explorer Diego Garcia de Palacio, the archaeological site is one of the most important and most visited Mayan sites of Central America.
The beauty of these ruins, surrounded by a deep forest, can only be imagined: the traveler finds himself immersed in a huge complex with dozens of building in perfect condition.
Acropolis, monumental staircases, a stadium, towers and palaces seem to emerge from the lawn as alien objects…

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Sovereign Nature at the Tortuguero National Park

Parco Nazionale_TortugueroIf there's a place where nature reigns supreme, that's the Tortuguero National Park, a protected area located in the north eastern part of Costa Rica. The environmental policy adopted by this country has led to the creation of the most important nesting beach of the green sea turtle. The park itself is named after these cute and endangered animals. Isolated from the Caribbean Sea to the east and by a barrier of forests to the west, this beach can be reached only by boat, while transfers within the park usually occur with small aircrafts. Despite the isolation, the beauty of the Tortuguero National Park is such as to make it the third most visited park in Costa Rica. That's a good achievement!

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Sport Fishing in Costa Rica: the best spots

Sport fishing_in_Costa_RicaThere are so many places where you can go sport fishing in Costa Rica: at sea, by the coast, at tropical rivers, or at mountain lakes and there are plenty of different species to fish at any time of the year. It is therefore difficult to establish a ranking of the best spots. No doubt if you are fond of spinning, we recommend the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, part of the SINAC park system. We are in the northern part of the country, 20 km from Los Chiles, near the Nicaraguan border. In this maze of rivers and forest, fishing is allowed throughout the year, except during the months of April, May, and June. The license is about $30 and can be purchased at the ranger station at the village of Caño Negro. The most coveted prey? The prehistoric “tropical pike”, also known as pez Gaspar (pictured above).

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Five Things to see in Bogotà and surroundings

What to_see_in_BogotaThere are plenty of things to visit in Bogotà: museums, parks, churches, monuments, and countless attractions more or less important. In this article we have selected 5 things to see in and around the city and the surrounding area: from the museum of Colombia's most famous artist of the entire South America, Fernando Botero, to the spectacular Cerro de Monserrate, where you can enjoy a magnificent view on the Colombian capital. First on our list of 5 things to see is the Gold Museum of Republic of Columbia's Bank.

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