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Ecotourism in Latin America and the Caribbeans

Ecoturism in_Latin_America

Ecotourism in Latin America is growing at a fast pace. More and more people choose to visit these places according to an ecotourism philosophy, knowing how delicate the environment in this part of the world is. Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, and other countries have pristine environments, where flora and fauna coexist with humans, without one taking over the other. In Latin America and the Caribbeans ecotourism has gained new followers over the years, not by accident, but thanks to a careful and sensible policy aimed at protecting the natural heritage through the establishment of national parks and protected areas.

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Coconut Water

cocoEveryone knows about coconut milk and oil, but what exactly is coconut water? Coconut water is the clear liquid inside young green coconuts. It is very refreshing and has a sweet nutty taste. Coconut water is the latest health craze and has been called “Mother Nature's sport drinks” by marketers who claim that this drink is fat and cholesterol free, super hydrating, rich in potassium and low in calories. But are all these claims accurate? If you are careful about what you buy, the answer is yes. It is important to read labels and buy plain coconut water, avoiding the beverages where sugar and other juices are added.

Here are 5 benefits of coconut water:

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Hiking to the lost city of the Tairona people

Trekking in_Tairona_-_Colombia

There are at least a dozen lost cities in the world, but Teyuna, the “Ciudad Perdida” of the Tairona people is probably the most famous one and the one most worthy of the name. The ruins of the archaeological site are located in the middle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a gigantic mountain range recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. The Kogui, the Arzario, the Wiwa, and the Ika, the last indigenous people of this area of Colombia, live inside the natural park. The landscape and the spectacular sight of the Ciudad Perdida are definitely worth the incredibly long 5 days hike.

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Visiting the Panama Canal and the Miraflores Locks

Panama Canal_TourTo visit the Panama Canal means to admire one of the most impressive engineering works of the modern era. What surprises is the size: that of the canal, that is 81 km long, as well as that of the ships that pass through it. Millions of tons of cargo are moved each year from one ocean to the other thanks to a sophisticated system of locks. Each “basin”, separated by gates as tall as buildings, is filled and emptied continuously to overcome the gap between the Caribbean sea and the Pacific Ocean. This allows the ships to reduce to 12.8 hours a trip that would otherwise take weeks if not months!

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More and More Travelers in Colombia


In Colombia there has been an exponential growth of tourist flows, ever since this destination has become a new trend for many markets. This country offers everything, absolutely everything and the Colombian reception is extraordinary. The armed conflict is a thing of the past and safety for the tourist is there, the only risk is wanting to stay forever. The most recent data shows that of more than 1.8 million visitors in 2013, 50% were from the other Latin American countries, roughly a quarter were from the US, and the rest were from Europe and Japan.

The hotel sector is taking the appropriate measures and approximately 9000 new hotel rooms will be ready by 2016.

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