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It is imperative to stop in Cali to explore its cheerful and lively culture that manifests itself in the Salsa Dance. Here this Caribbean rhythm is danced and felt in a particuar way. In this Colombian city, called the "Sucursal of the Heaven", the hills of Christ Rey de las Tres Cruces, as well as the San Antonio Hill contrast with the plains of the rest of the Department of the Valle del Cauca. Cali is a city with great spaces for tourism and fun. In the capital of the Valle del Cauca the beautiful women abound;  and there are many places of historical value and many spaces dedicated to sport. Gastronomy, nature, daytime and nighttime entertainment make it a real tourist mecca. Cali is one of the Colombia's most important economic and industrial centers; this is due to its proximity to the Country's main seaport. Cali stands out as the capital of "Salsa and Allegria", the street and dance Festival. The inhabitants of Cali have developed over time an excellent ludic and hedonistic culture  in accordance with the natural environment and the country life.



December 25: SALSODROMO at 6:00 pm: The opening event of the Feria is an artistic icon that represents the strength and power of Salsa in Cali. It has an unmatched potential:  in one and a half kilometers around a thousand professional dancers and almost 400 amateurs represents the different trends of salsa schools in Santiago de Cali. It is also an opportunity for a hundred thousand participants to enjoy Cali's Salsa Dance in its magical style.

December 26: CALI ES PACIFICO at 9 am: During the Feria there are many exhibitions that you can find in the San Francisco Piazoleta from 9 am until midnight. Declared Immaterial UNESCO World Heritage, "Los cantos y arrullos of the Pacific with the marimba chonta" burst into the Feria as a true honorary guest. We invite you to attend this authentic experience: it's is a real privilege!

December 27, 2017: CLASSIC CARS PARADE  at 2:00 pm: This year the rigor in the selection of participating cars has created an expectation higher than that of previous years; in this way the beauty and the elegance of the event has been emphasized even more. The path is the road of Feria. These cars in all their elements (the chassis, the mirrors, the windscreens) tell the stories of all the experiences lived together with their owners, enriching this parade not only with their aesthetic beauty but also with the history they represent. And this is the intangible element that only a few can fully indulge.

December 28, 2017: CARNIVAL SUMMER at 3:00 pm: The Suroriental Highway will be the meeting point for the inhabitants of Cali and for  the foreigners participating in the great parade, a tradition of the Cali Festival. Throughout the way the artists  celebrate with different performances; thr  dances and the well-decorated waggons pay homaghe to history and various characters, to legends and myths.

From 26 to 30 December 2017 at 4:00 pm: MEETING OF LOVERS OF MUSIC AND COLLECTORS: The Salsa Dance has a very special space for everyone who exhibits the best in their "salsoteca". During the Feast, there are also hearings with melomans and meetings with the most recognized Salsa collectors around the globe, who present to their demanding audience their preserved musical treasures. During these meetings they sell records, musical instruments, souvenirs, clothing and pay tribute to the greatest salseros in history. At the end of each evening there is a concert with international artists.

From 26 to 30 December 2017 at 03:00 pm: FERIA TAURINA:  It's been more than 57 years old that bullfighting at the Plaza de Toros de Cali was celebrated at the highest level. Cali is one of the main squares in America and Spain for bullfighting. During the Feria Taurina, men and women between the ages of 22 and 55 are present in the square to experience the thrill of the bullfight. Almost 10,000 viewers a day will also attend this event this year; the Feria will see the most representative bullfighters of the moment at the world level.

From 26 to 30 December 2017 at 8:00 pm: DELIRIO: a unique and original show based on the popular cultur of Cali. A show for everyone!

From 26 to 30 December: ENSALSATE at 08: 00 pm: Salsa show at Hotel Carklton.

From 26 to 30 December 2017 at 8:00 pm: EL MULATO Y SWIN LATINO: Show of Salsa  dancers with the "QUE VIVA", the MTV winners Salsa School. One of the World's Best Salsa Dance Schools.



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