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Geography of Colombia

Geography of Colombia

geography of colombiacolombia quindio geographybirds Colombia

With its population of over 46 million and a surface of 1.138,910 square kilometers (100.210 of which correspond to maritime sovereignty), Colombia is the fourth largest Spanish speaking country of the world, and the third in Latin America. Colombian territory is divided into 32 departments and 1,102 municipalities. Geographically, Colombia is divided into 6 regions, each characterized by a different climate and topography. These regions are: the Amazon region, the Andean region, the Caribbean region, the Islands region, the Orinoco region, and the Pacific region.

Geographical Diversity

The geographical diversity goes hand in hand with a great environmental wealth. With over 1800 bird species, over 700 species of amphibians, over 130 thousand plant species, and over 456 mammal species Colombia is considered one of the seventeen mega-diverse countries of the world (out of 195) that together harbor a third of the planet's entire biodiversity. Unbelievable? Then read this:

World first  

  • Greatest number of birds species
  • greatest number of amphibian species
  • greatest number of palm tree species
  • most extended marine biosphere of the planet
  • largest Caribbean coastline
  • 150 coral species
  • 65 micro climates
  • 1st world producer of flowers
  • 3,500 kinds of orchids
  • 939 moss species
  • greatest number of butterflies species with 14,000 species
  • greatest number of hummingbirds species with 150 species
  • 456 species of mammals, 7% of the entire planet


museo del oro-bogotaguajirala mayor biosfera marina del planeta es en colombia  

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