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Customized trips and tours to Colombia, Central America and The Caribbean

B2B first-class tours by Mydas Travel

From Colombia to Guatemala, from Costa Rica to Belize, discover the world with the help of our Company!

Explore our top of the line tours and create your own one here on your right! 

Fully customized packages for honey moons, groups, ecofriendly vacations, business travel. Experience unforgettable destinations with Mydas Travel and join our adventurous expeditions to Central, the Caribbean and South America.

Discover the world with Mydas Travel, we will guide you through incredible landscapes, atmospheres, flavors and unforgettable people.

Visit Central America, the Caribbean and Colombia, we offer the best travel solutions for leisure, business, science, sport and so on.

We organize both F.I.T. and group tours, fully customized with tailor made and flexible plans for every budget.
Thanks to an extensive network of local partners, you can be sure that someone will take care of every detail during your travel experience from the beginning to the end. So you can trust our professional team with years of experience on site, on our certified guides, on our selection of hotels! You will fly by the best airlines and transportation on ground will be exclusively on small buses and 4x4 cars.
Let your imagination fly, choose freely what to do and where to go, and ask for the final quote including insurance, airport taxes and flights with negotiated fares.

Visit Colombia, Central America and The Caribbean!

Specialists in eco-tourism, we choose intelligent, ethical and sustainable tourism.

Therefore we do not offer the same products as big Tour Operators. Tours designed by Mydas Travel are based on the conservation of the ecosystems because we are committed to respecting the environment and local economies. Not only that, get into the whirl of the unique travel experiences we will provide for you! Some examples? Climbing on a pyramid in the middle of the forest, enjoying a ride on a typical Colombian chiva with live music on board, crunching a corn-cob seasoned with lime and pepper, swimming in the blue sea with dolphins … lots of adventures to live with you partner, family or friends! Our concern for local cultures is complied with avoiding a negative impact and possibly stimulating a virtuous economy.

 Eco-tourism according to Mydas Travel:

-Conservation of natural and cultural heritage;

-Economy, environment and society benefits;

-Jobs creation in tourism without exploitation;

-Most authentic and pleasant travel experiences thanks to the direct contact with the local people.

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